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Fun with Etiquette: Manners in Public


Dear Ms. Etiquette,I have noticed in my dining experience at restaurants that the trend has become more informal and has even transferred into manners becoming less than desirable. Even though I grew up without a “silver spoon” in my mouth, my mother taught us manners. Could you please touch on this subject to remind others about the importance of manners in public Thanks,Concerned with“Manners in Public!”

Dear Concerned,
You are very observant in a world where “rush” is the norm, thanks for noticing and caring enough to write in. The trend in restaurants is to be more “friendly” and “informal” but I find that is just a guise for being more slack The word “informal” could also mean slacking in manners at restaurants. In the words of an etiquette guru, Gail Hallum, “It used to be elbows on the table was the great “sin,” but I’m seeing forearms sometimes being used to “guard” a plate as if it will slip forward and off the table unless protected. Another trademark of the informal and rushed diner is the tendency to continue to talk with food in the mouth or gesture with the fork while speaking. They sometimes talk on their cell, mouth full, and with dining companions. This sort of “multi-tasking” fails on so many levels.”

Families seem to be in a rush as evidenced at early sit-down restaurants that are family-friendly where children often appear in team sports uniforms. Being in a rush does not mean we must forget our manners and keep body parts off the table and remove caps or hats. Encouraging children and adults with better table manners and habits will help to aspire the up-and-comers in the workplace without making them feel that manners are for the snobbish class when in reality, manners are for every man, woman and child who wishes not to be a member of the snobbish class.

Irma Wolcott

Irma Wolcott

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