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No Opponents for City Commission Seats

Mayor Steve Brewer, Commissioners John Betancourt and John Hernandez Refile

La Feria City Commission incumbents Mayor Steve Brewer, Commissioners Pl. 1 John Betancourt and Pl. 2 John Hernandez have refiled to serve the community another three years. As of press time, no other individuals had indicated their desire to run for the posts. The deadline for filing has now expired. Pending last minute write-in applications, there will be no need for a municipal general election which was planned for May 11.

“ We are on a positive path with positive things happening in the city. For the last six year, we have been working as a united team making it easier for our administration to find funding to do necessary projects around La Feria”, explained Commissioner Hernandez who has served on the council for more than 16 years.
He added that the staff has been very successful in their endeavors, especially for the size of our community. “No one can say we are lagging behind”.

Commissioners John Betancourt Pl. 1, John Hernandez Pl 2 and Mayor Steve Brewer

Commissioners John Betancourt Pl. 1, John Hernandez Pl 2 and Mayor Steve Brewer

“ I am very proud of our community. I hope to serve for at least three more years as we begin completing some of these very important projects that are in the planning or construction phase,” concluded Commissioner Hernandez, lifetime La Feria resident.
Originally elected in 2007, Commissioner Betancourt has lived in La Feria for forty-two years.
Mayor Brewer has lived in the city for more than fifty years and was also elected as Mayor six years ago. He previously serviced as a city commissioner from 2003-2005.

Seats on the commission, not up for election this year, are Mayor Pro-Tem and Commissioner Pl. 3 Lori Weaver elected in 2006, Commissioner Pl. 4 Victor Gonzalez, Jr. elected in 2000 and Commissioner Pl. 5 Angelica P. Baldivia elected in 2006.

editor’s note: The town of La Feria was incorporated in 1915 after 400 inhabitants petitioned Cameron County Judge H.L. Yates. That same year, B.H. Dunlap received 15 votes to become the first mayor of La Feria and B.H. Noblett and W.A. Strickland were elected commissioners.
One of that early commissions’ actions was to pass an ordinance that no animal, such as a horse, mule, jack, cow, hog, sheep or goat would be permitted to run at large at any time within the city limits. If convicted, the person owning said animal could be fined not less than one dollar and not more than $25 per animal.


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