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City Approves Late Hours for Jimmy’s Sports Bar

Special Use Permit allows bar to be open until 2 a.m. every day


A public hearing was held during the City of La Feria commission meeting Tuesday, February 26 on a request made by Desi Martinez for a specific use permit to allow the late hours (until 2 a.m.) sale of alcoholic beverages at Jimmy’s Sports Bar located at 312 West First Street in La Feria. After an extended discussion, with Mr. Martinez available for questions, the commission approved the measure. City staff had suggested that the commission approve extended hours for just Friday and Saturday night.

Mayor Pro-Tem Lori Weaver was presiding at the meeting with Commissioners John Betancourt, Victor Gonzalez, Jr. and Angelica Baldivia in attendance. Mayor Steve Brewer and Commissioner John Hernandez were in Austin to participate in the Texas Independence Day ceremonies. City Manager Sunny K. Philip left immediately after the meeting to join the city officials.

“I have been open several months and currently things are going good. I would like to extend my hours to increase business. I have hired a security guard on the weekends to deter any issues,” said Martinez.
Commissioners Gonzalez quizzed Martinez about his added security and said, “times are not what they used to be”. Gonzalez confirmed with the city attorney that if complaints arise, the special use permit could be terminated.
“As the license holder, I want to take all the necessary precautions to avoid problems. I have to report any incidents to the Texas Tobacco and Beverage Commission TABC.

Commissioner John Betancourt confirmed with Martinez that the extended hours would be more profitable for him. “Right now, when we close they go over to the R&R Bar that already has a 2 a.m. closing each night,” added Martinez. Staff mentioned that the R&R is located in a more isolated location than Jimmy’s.
Mayor Pro-Tem Weaver asked Martinez if two days of late hours would be sufficient, but he answered that he would prefer the option of seven days to be able to chose the days it would be most beneficial for business.

Police Chief Donato Garcia had reported to staff that there had been no incidents at Jimmy’s Sports Bar.
Commissioner Baldivia recommended that the commission allow two days of late hours and ‘see how it goes’. Commissioner Gonzalez made the motion to approve all seven days and added that the commission could revoke the permit if it receives complaints of excessive noise, parking issues or other incidents.

Although notified by a newspaper notice and mailed letters, no one from the public or the surrounding residential area voiced any concerns.

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