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All Valley Trash Bash & Country Cleanup Set for April 6-13

PeopleTrashBagsHC1304Valley Proud Environmental Council organized the first All Valley Trash Bash in 1990, which was the first multi-county cleanup effort in the state of Texas.

In 1996, the Trash Bash was expanded to a week for the collection of household furniture, appliances, and other non-hazardous materials from rural residents in the four county area.

The four-county Rio Grande Valley leads the way in cleaning up city streets and alleys, parks, county roads, and drainage ditches with the All Valley Trash Bash and Country Cleanup April 6-13. Four Cameron County Precincts, all four Hidalgo County Precincts, and all Willacy County Precincts will be participating in this year’s cleanup.

On Saturday, April 6, volunteers from cities and towns will pitch in to pick up trash.

It is estimated that more than 200,000 volunteers will participate in the Annual Don’t Mess With Texas Trash-Off organized by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB).

Trash thrown out by thoughtless individuals destroys the natural beauty of our Valley roadways and landscape. Thousands of caring volunteers work hard to clean up – after those people who keep trashing our countryside. Valley Proud is happy to be at the forefront of eradicating litter and to be partnering with Keep Texas Beautiful’s Trash-Off and Keep Texas Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup. The more people and organizations that become involved, the more we can accomplish in trash removal and illegal dumping prevention throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

Groups wanting to volunteer for the Trash Bash should call the Trash Bash Hotline in their community, the Valley Proud Hotline at 412-8004, or visit the Valley Proud website at

City Hotline Number
Alamo 787-8321
Alton 432-0792
Brownsville 547-6582
Combes 425-7131
Edinburg 292-2133
Elsa 262-2127
Harlingen 535-0774
[email protected]
Hidalgo 843-9762
La Feria 797-2261
La Joya 580-7029
Lyford 347-3512
McAllen 681-4562
Mercedes 565-6147
Mission 580-8662
Pharr 402-4360
Port Isabel 943-2682
Primera 423-9654
Progreso 565-0241
Progreso Lakes 565-3602
Raymondville 689-2443
Rio Grande City 487-3476
Roma 849-1411
San Benito 361-3804 ext 301
San Juan 223-2340
South Padre Island 761-3226
Weslaco 433-6474


County Pct.s Hotline Number
Cameron Co. Pct. # 1 574-8167
Cameron Co. Pct. # 2 983-5091
Cameron Co. Pct. #3 361-8209
Cameron Co. Pct. # 4 427-8069
Hidalgo Co. Pct. # 1 968-8733 or 565-6900
Hidalgo Co. Pct. # 2 787-1891
Hidalgo Co. Pct. # 3 585-4509
Hidalgo Co. Pct. # 4 383-3112
Willacy Co. Pct. # 1 966-3537
Willacy Co. Pct. # 2 689-4214
Willacy Co. Pct. # 2 Barn Headquarters 248-5226
Willacy Co. Pct. # 3 689-2625
Willacy Co. Pct. # 4 367-0118 or 347-2403
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