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The Etiquette of Friendship


Dear Ms. Etiquette,
I recently went to Schlitterbaun with some friends at the end of the school year. There were several of us and we had to pair up. My friend got “lost” and I couldn’t find her for a long time. She emerges with a boy much older than she is. We are all in Jr. High and he is in High School. I am worried that she might be headed in the wrong direction and is a little to naïve. How do I talk to my friend so she won’t hate me or get mad? – Best Buddies

Dear Best Buddy,
Your friend is very lucky to have you on her side. I can see you have good moral values and are concerned with your friend making good decisions. If you are teenagers, then your harmones probably play a big part in the decision making as well as your friend trying to fit in and be well liked. What she doesn’t realize is the dangers that lurk when it comes to casual relationships especially with older guys. I have heard that some schools use sex as a sport. The males play by keeping score on how many innocent young girls they can use to “tally up” their score card. This is by far one of the worst degradation of young women in modern times, and it shows just how corrupt our young society has become. If your friend is naïve like you say, she is easy prey and I would advise you to give her a reality check.
Most promiscous young ladies usually have no self esteem or self confidence. They tend to rely on others for approval. They are usually not the leaders in a pack, but the followers. It is more important for them to be well liked and popular than to take a stand for doing what is right. Sometimes they may be so confused about who they are because they have been abused. Try getting her more involved in church activities or group functions that are well chaperoned. Encourage her to step out of her comfort zone and help the needy to develop her self esteem and self worth. Charitable works and deeds of mercy work miracles on a soul.
Good luck with your friend. Remember I teach etiquette if she needs to feel more confident about herself too.

Irma Wolcott

Irma Wolcott

Irma Wolcott is the owner of Fun With Etiquette. Call her at 956-492-4762 for more information. Website: e-Mail her at: [email protected]

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