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Safety Around School Zones


At the beginning of each school year, the yellow cross walk lights are turned on and flashing to warn motorists to slow down toa safe speed of 20 MPH to allow pedestrians to safely walk across the intersection. The school District has trained cross guards to guide the school pedestrians from one end of the intersection to the other for a safe arrival to and from school. The school cross guards are trained and qualified people working together with police to promote safety.

Traffic enforcement starts with first identifying unsafe behavior in drivers. There are many ways of identifying unsafe behavior. One is speeding through residential streets and school zones during school hours. Another is failing to yield or stopping for school pedestrians. Some drivers do not think of the traffic hazards they create by not following the 20 MPH school speed limit.


Obedience required to school crossing guards. This means that it is unlawful to disobey a school cross guard while performing cross guard duties in a school crosswalk. All vehicular traffic shall stop and allow the pedestrians to safely walk through the intersection. Any person who fails or refuse to comply or obey a lawful order or direction of school cross guards in a school zone will be in violation of a traffic offense for disobeying a school cross guard in a school zone.

The Police Officers are patrolling the school zone areas to assure that vehicular traffic follow the 20 MPH school zone and obey the directions of school guards during school hours.

Donato Garcia, Chief of Police
La Feria Police Department

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