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Safety Tips for Halloween Night


The La Feria Police Department will hand out candy and treat bags starting at 5:00 p.m. Halloween night. Don’t forget to come by and get your treat and meet the police officers.

Halloween night Trick or Treat we must play it safe. Here are some safety tips to help you have a safe and fun night. Go where you know its saf to trick or treat with your treat bag. Never go alone, always take a grown up with you. Wear reflective colors so that you can be seen at night. A reflective, bright colored costume always helps drivers see you at night. Always watch for moving cars and always use a flashlight. Make sure that your costume fits so that you won’t trip over it. Do not eat your treats before your parents or a grown up has check them. Make this Halloween a safe and fun night!

La Feria Police officers will be out on Halloween night making sure that you have a safe and fun evening. Stop and talk to an officer in your area. We will see you out there. For suspicious activities, please call the La Feria Police Department at 956-797-3121.



Donato Garcia, Chief of Police
La Feria Police Department

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