La Feria News

Shrdlu the Office Cat a Caustic Creature

Shrdlu our Office Cat gets pretty caustic sometimes about the customers. That’s the reason very few of our customers ever actually see our cat. Sometimes he is downright rude. We kick him under the desk when a customer comes in.

In one of his moody moments this week, he told us printing ought to be more distinctive done, he said, to fit the personality or cause of the person or persons desiring the printing. He suggested:

Pink paper to print communistic publications on, which we quickly told him we had no need for; fly paper for marriage licenses so the marriage will stick; perfumed paper for the Congressional Record so it won’t smell so bad; wax paper for blotters to give people you hate; and paper towels for worthless stock certificates so they’ll have some value.

This installment of Shrdlu our Office Cat ran in the
August 19, 1948 issue of La Feria News.

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