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Shrdlu Our Office Cat A Prize Poodle-Dog

Shrdlu our Office Cat is half-Persian, half-Alley, and half-Mountain Lion. That makes him a cat-and-a-half, which he is beyond question. He doesn’t like not having seasons – noticeable, that is, down here in the Valley. He’s like a young man who can’t make up his mind whether he wants to grow a moustache or not. Our Office Cat is constantly growing himself a winter coat, preparing for winter, then shedding it suddenly, due to the heat. He likes winter coats, for it makes him a much more handsome critter and bolsters his ego to no end.

We remember we went to a country fair last Winter and he followed. He dashed in ahead of us and when we finally found him, he was sitting in an exhibit room with a blue ribbon around his neck.

The judges had picked himi to be the best all-around poodle dog in the fair.

As we said, Shrdlu our Office cat is quite a cat.

This installment of Shrdlu our Office Cat ran in the September 9, 1948 issue of La Feria News.

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