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Meet the Firefighters: Carlos Restrepo

Carlos Restrepo

Title: Firefighter/Paramedic

Years of Service: 5 Years

What led you to become a firefighter? What other jobs can provide the variety of work we perform with the everyday gratification of helping the community in which we serve? It is all about helping others and leaving a positive mark on all those we come across.

What do you like about being a firefighter? I like being able to help somebody in their worst moments while being courteous, loving and understanding.

What do you like least about being a firefighter? Plotting pranks against each other. Someday you win… somedays you lose.

What’s the most exciting moment of your years in service? Graduating from the academy with all my family in attendance. Those who have passed and those who are still here were able to see my dream come true.

What’s the best part of service in La Feria? The best part of La Feria is the small town feel. It is something I am not used to but surely going to love. Seeing the change in perception of the fire department over the past year makes the hard work all worth it. We hope that the fire department can be a center stone of the city along with La Feria Police and La Feria Public Works.

Attention: Small kitchen fire extinguishers are available for purchase at the Fire Department for $10.

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