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Meet the Firefighters: Reynaldo Lopez Jr.

Reynaldo Lopez Jr.

Title: Assistant Fire Chief

Years of Service: 8 Years

What led you to becoming a firefighter? I wanted a career that meant something. That’s when I jumped on a truck and answered the call. I know I’m making a difference in the community.

What do you like most about being a firefighter? What I love most of being a firefighter is being able to help someone in need whether the service be big or small.

What do you like least about being a firefighter? What I dislike most of being in the fire service is seeing life or property loss.

What is the most exciting moment of your years in service? The most exciting moment in my years of service was last year in 2018 finding out that for the first time in the history of La Feria Fire & Rescue we would have the first ever fulltime firefighters.

What’s the best part of service in La Feria? My favorite thing about being an Assistant Fire Chief here in the city of La Feria is that I can help train and pass along information that I learned over the years. Sharing the knowledge that I have to other firefighters to help keep the citizens of La Feria safer each and every day.

Attention: Small kitchen fire extinguishers are available for purchase at the Fire Department for $10.

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