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Meet the Firefighters: Nathan A. Ortiz

Nathan A. Ortiz

Title: Firefighter

Years of Service: 2 1/2 Years

What led you to become a firefighter? The events of September 11th made a big impression on me as a child. I’ve always admired the firefighters and first responders who ran into help the people who were trapped. I have made it my personal goal to do my best to help my community and being a firefighter is the best way to meet my goal.

What do you like about being a firefighter? I love being a firefighter because it has a positive impact on people. We encounter people on their worst days so it is nice to be the problem solver to their bad situations.

What do you like least about being a firefighter? What I like least about being a firefighter is having loss of life and property. It is always heart breaking when you try to help a patient and your efforts don’t work. Also seeing families that loss their properties and become homeless is heartbreaking for me as well.

What’s the most exciting moment of your years in service? The most exciting moment that has happened to me is when I was able to make a young man that had no hope in himself to believe in himself and overcome the bad situation in his life and smile.

What’s the best part of service in La Feria? The best part about being with La Feria Fire and Rescue is that this is a small town. You quickly come to know everyone in the community on the job, as well as their families and friends. People you’ve dealt with on a medical or fire call will stop by the station later to visit and thank you for what you did. They show their gratitude by bringing treats and donations like water. The community treats you as a person and not just someone doing their job.

To donate to your local fire department please visit or visit the fire station. Your generous donations could go to purchase a new stove, washer or dryer for the department. THANK YOU!

Attention: Small kitchen fire extinguishers are available for purchase at the Fire Department for $10.

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