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All Happening in The City of La Feria

Emilio Flores

La Feria News

Much has been happening in La Feria, and more to come. Last week City Manager Jaime Sandoval and La Feria News discussed some of these matters. Including, but not limited to, two Commercial lots, Four separate residential subdivisions that in total equate to 430 residential lots, aswell as new apartment complexes and senior living space.

Starting with South FM 506 area, Sandoval shares that they are still in the early stages of developing two new subdivisions, Brooks Subdivision & Moriah Subdivision. Both are near the Our Lady of the Lake University. These subdivisions will each have roughly 115 lots for residential homes to be built. Sandavol says they are still in much of the early stages.

He says that they are barely laying piping and turning dirt. Sandavol says the projects only started in December. Subdivision on North FM 2556, called bridge estates that Sandoval says is a little further along by a couple of months, having started sometime in October. And another, Main Street Subdivision.

This one, He says is by a private developer, consisting of ninety-nine residential lots and two commercial lots. He says he believes the commercial lots are taken up and that one may be a local business relocated, no further details were given.

And finally, the new fancy-looking stripes. Not much has been shared during this time other than that they are hoping to have it finished and opened to the public in about a month. It’s will include a Diesel-fuel and a semi-truck area with plenty of room for the truckers to stop and fill up.

These are just some of the new developments happening in La Feria. It’s great to see new homes and neighborhoods because with it comes more families. More families in fresh, new beautiful homes; feeling proud of their town.

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