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The Fire

Part 1
At around 5:00 in the morning, still in a deep sleep on my
a soft and warm bed, I can hear a high-pitched scream
coming from a room next door which jolted me awake.
Half blurry-eyed and asleep, I bolted across my room
towards my door, choking on the dark smoke hovering
above me. As I yanked my door open it quickly slammed
against the wall, the massive flashes of red and yellow
startled me, making me standstill, as stiff as a rock. Soon
my trance broke as a cold feeling shot up my spine, I
could hear fast and heavy footsteps running toward me. In a
strong and deep voice, I hear my father calling out to me.
Still scared half to death, I yell back in a small voice, a
squeak compared to his.

Story written by Selene A. Olguin (12 years old)

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