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Local La Ferian is Set to Participate in Boston Marathon

Jesse Robles with some of the Footworks club. All photos were sent in by Jesse Robles

Emilio Flores
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A La Ferian, by the name of Jesse Robles, is participating in the great Boston Marathon!
According to B.A.A.’s website, the Boston Athletic Association was established on March 15, 1887, under its first president, Robert F. Clark. They are a non-profit organization with a mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle through running. The marathon has more than 140 athletes competing. Marathons like these are what so many athletes love. Just a chance to be a part of one of these marathons is an amazing experience. Marathon runners from all different stages of life do what they love the most, running.

La Feria News asked Jesse Robles what the Boston Marathon really is and what it means to him. He responded by saying that the Boston Marathon is something like the Superbowl of Marathons. He says that it’s pretty exciting, Robles has been working for this marathon for 3-4 years.

Robles was born and raised here in La Feria, and you can even find him running down US Business 83. He says he starts his run from his house all the way to the valle vista mall in Harlingen, and back. He says it’s about 10 miles there and 10 miles back!

Jesse finds a lot of motivation from his Harlingen footworks club. He says that he participated in his first marathon in San Antonio about 10 years ago. Since then he has done many more marathons, several in Harlingen, one in McAllen, as well as Houston. He’s thankful for the community he has and says that he remembers the Dominguez 5k that La Feria had pre-covid and says he hopes to see it come back again. He says “that was pretty cool for La Feria to have that.”

Photo of Jesse Robles at Veterans Memorial Park. All photos were sent in by Jesse Robles

Robles has such a huge passion for running and loves seeing people from different paths and walks of life all putting in the work; all pushing themselves & putting aside the excuses to get out there and run.

Initially, with covid, many of these athletes were staying home, but eventually, Robles says they got back to running. Jesse Robles says he couldn’t let even a pandemic stop him from running and doing what he loves. “We just kept going,” he says.

Robles says that his biggest motivation is his mom. He explains that his mom having Parkinson’s disease has taught him that complaining isn’t an option. Robles has seen all that his mother has gone through and has been by her side all the way and says he can’t complain about life, because it could always be worse. There’s always someone that has it harder.

Final notes Jesse Robles says that “Family is Everything!! For Running and Life- Anything is possible, we just have to work for it.”

Congratulations Jesse and from all of La Feria, best of luck!

Photo of Jesse Robles and some of his family. All photos were sent in by Jesse Robles
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