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La Feria Fire Department Shares on Safe & Legal Burning

La Feria Fire and Rescue would like to promote safe and legal “outside burning”, in addition to increasing the lines of communication through the public, our dispatch center, and our fire department.

If you are going to partake in “outside burning” we at La Feria Fire and Rescue ask that you contact our dispatch center (956-797-3121) and provide the following information:
1) First and last name of the individual that will be supervising the “outside burning”
2) Working phone number
3) Address where the “outside burning” will take place
4) Time and Date when the “outside burning” will take place
5) What materials you will be burning

La Feria Fire and Rescue will use the provided information to Pre-Plan the area directly and indirectly involved during the “outside burning”. Our dispatch center will utilize the information to screen calls that may pertain to your “outside burning”.

La Feria Fire and Rescue enjoys interacting with the constituents we serve. Pre-Planning an “outside burning” site is the perfect way to interact with community members and gain first-hand knowledge on particular areas inside and outside the city we protect.

During a Pre-Plan of an “outside burning” site we will conduct the follow:
1) confirm individual burning is in accordance with TCEQ guidelines
2) confirm individual burning is in accordance with Cameron County guidelines
3) locate nearby fire hydrants
4) locate access points to “outside burning” site
5) identify difficult terrain that may be present in and around the site
6) identify nearby hazards ie livestock, adjacent homes, businesses, etc

Pre-Planning maintains the overall safety for the individual burning, nearby persons, and fire department personnel.

If the public has questions, comments, or concerns on “outside burning” they can can use the following resources: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
Cameron County Fire Marshal’s Office
KXAN Austin
The above-listed websites offer a large amount of useful information in regards to “outside burning”. La Feria Fire and Rescue encourages the public to use these mentioned websites.

-Asst Fire Chief Plutarco A. Garcia III

Contact information:
200 E. Commercial Ave, La Feria, TX 78559
Office: 956-797-2444 Fax: 956-797-1898
David Phinney: Fire Chief
Plutarco A. Garcia: Asst. Fire Chief

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