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La Feria ISD To Host Annual Autism Walk

By Mike Villarreal

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects children’s growth and development. It usually appears during their first three years of life. Children with ASD tend to live in their own world, showing a lack of social awareness and disinterest in other children. They follow a routine with some normal behaviors, but communication is a challenge, and they may not begin speaking as early as other children do.

ASD can hinder a child’s social skills development since they may not be able to understand emotions or facial expressions in people. They may also resist being touched, playing with others or having routines changed. Additionally, they may have attachments to certain objects and repeat specific movements at times.

However, children with ASD may have some exceptional skills, such as measuring, counting, doing well in music or art, and having excellent memory.

The causes of Autism are still unknown, and it has been found in all ethnic, racial, and social groups. It is more prevalent in boys than girls. Experts recommend screening children for ASD and other related issues before the age of two.

Every child with ASD requires a unique treatment program, and it is best to start it as early as possible for it to be effective. Treatment options can include behavior change programs, special education programs, and medication.

Living with ASD can be challenging, but early detection and help from treatments and doctors can make a significant difference in improving the quality of life for both parents and children.

To celebrate Autism Awareness Month, La Feria Early College High School is hosting their annual Walk for Autism 2024 on April 11, 2024, from 5:30-7:00 pm at the La Feria Early College High School Stadium. There will be prizes and refreshments available. Join us to support this inclusive event for Autism.
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