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20th Annual Fiesta de La Feria Entertains Crowd with Music, Art, Food and Fun!

fiesta2The 20th Annual Fiesta de La Feria, held Saturday February 23rd, did not disappoint, and it was even larger than the year before. With so much to do on a perfect Saturday, people gathered on Main Street to check out cool cars, listen to good music, eat delicious food and enjoy community fun.

“We are glad that the weather was really nice and hope everybody really enjoyed themselves,” said John Hernandez, La Feria City Commissioner .

The turnout was huge and people just kept coming. Vendors and organizers began arriving by six a.m. or earlier just to get ready.
“It seems like everyone is enjoying it and that is all we can ask,” Hernandez said. “This year we had a lot more cars… and I even had my own [here]!”

Mayor Steve Brewer and Commissioner Hernandez showed off their 1990 Chevrolet Corvette while Commissioner Victor Gonzalez had onlookers and car enthusiast eyeing his 1960’s Dodge.

The car show included 58 participating exotic cars vying for the Fiesta’s first place trophy. There were Chevy Corvettes dating as far back as the 1960’s, Plymouth Road Runners and a 1959 Chevy Apache with stylish embellishments flashy paint and chrome rims without a speck of dust on it.
“I hope that this trend continues and gets better as the years go on,” said La Feria City Commissioner Victor Gonzalez, Jr. “I want to thank all the city personnel, the Fiesta committee has done an outstanding job and Sunny stands out all the time.”

Hundreds of winter Texans also joined in on the fun – some on the music stage while others took part in the scheduled activities.  Illinois resident Doris Thomas mentioned she has been attending this event for the past twenty years. She said she was glad to be here, having spoken to her grandchildren in the Midwest that morning where they had received five inches of snow. Thomas strolled down Main Street enjoying all the Fiesta had to offer and music as she line danced to the Senior Moments band play the tunes of Johnny Cash and other great music hits.

“The day has been great and the turnout has been tremendous,” Commissioner Gonzalez said. “It’s the 20th year and it’s been great for La Feria. People from all over are here from different states and Canada.”

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