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Projects Underway for the City of La Feria

Emilio Flores

La Feria News

La Feria News talked with La Feria’s City Manager, Jaime Sandoval to discuss some of the projects that have been approved to be underway. These projects, along with others are part of the City of La Feria’s Capital Improvements Projects for FY21-22. Here’s a look at what to see happening in La Feria.

New Police Department Facility

The first project explained was on the new Police Department Facility that is currently located at 115 E Commercial Ave. The City plans to build a stand-alone Police department building for our Officers. The new building will be across the street from the Dollar General off of N Canal St. and right by the railroad tracks. Sandoval stated that they are currently getting ready to advertise for architectural services to begin blueprints and get an idea of what they’ll be able to afford for the new building.

City-Wide Storm Drainage Improvements

Due to the consistent flooding in the past years, the city has approved a one-million-dollar project for phase one of improving the flooding areas in La Feria. The first section will be from the Expressway down Main St. to Business 83. Then Canal St. from Bus. 83 to Expressway. This will include some areas going west of Canal St., Sandoval says. On the Southside of Business 83, he mentioned that they’ll be working on the drainage from S. Parker Rd. down to Kiester Ln. and as well as S 506. Sandoval explains, “We would be addressing some of the areas (South) of 506… Right here in the downtown area.” South of business 83 and all the way down to where the new subdivisions will be located, near Our Lady of Lake University. He mentioned that the project is currently under the design process, but says “Hopefully we will have something in the next 60 days, so we can start moving on those projects before hurricane season starts.” City-Wide Street Improvements “There’s two phases,” Sandoval says. “We’re in the first phase now, with the help of the County, and that should be coming up… probably in March.” Stating, “They’re going to be redone so that way we’ll have improved streets.” He mentioned that the first phase of the project is to be taking place this Spring, and phase two should be scheduled to roll out in the Summertime. Here is a list of some of the streets that will be having work done. Spruce Ave., Arroyo Ln., 5th st., Angelita Dr., Chelo Dr., Commercial Ave., East 1st St., Magnolia(East and West), and East Verbena Ave., to name a few…

Water Plant Improvements

At the end of the month, Sandoval says that the City will be updating the clarifier, and improving the water filtration system. He also mentioned that the wastewater plant has already been completed. They upgraded and replaced a lot of the motors for the wastewaters machinery which makes a much more efficient process.

Park Improvements

Both Veterans Memorial Park & Scott Sloan Park will be seeing updates as well. Sandoval says they should have bathrooms installed within the coming weeks. He explains that the bathrooms at the parks are much needed so people can enjoy the parks better. Both parks will also have resurfaced basketball courts and walking trails. Sandoval mentioned, “After that, we will continue to provide additional improvements as money becomes available.” One of the additional improvements would be installing new/ upgraded playscapes.

A lot of developments are in the works, and more to come. Keep up with your local news, don’t forget to pick up your weekly La Feria News at selected locations, or come by the office to pick up your copy at 128 W. Oleander Ave. You can also check out our website at

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