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Officer Mendez Recognized for her Outstanding Work with the LF PD

Emilio Flores

At the last City Council meeting, the City, along with the Police Department, both recognized Officer Mendez for her outstanding work and dedication as she plans to move forward with her career.

Esmeralda Lozano, Commissioner for Place 5, expressed her gratitude at a City Council meeting two weeks ago saying, “I remember all my interactions and my family’s interactions with you,” Lozano says, “Your compassion, kindness, and true love of what you do,” Lozano says it shows through everything Officer Mendez does and she says she truly loves all that officer Mednez does. They all congratulated Officer Mendez on her new position with the 911 dispatcher position.

Officer Mendez’s official title at the La Feria PD is Sergeant to Communications. Officer Mendez has been with La Feria PD for over 20 years.

Mendez explains, “I started as a dispatch back in 2001,” she did that for less than one year before she earned herself the title of supervisor of dispatch. After four-years she began her Officer Academy training in Harlingen. At that point, she was considered an officer and began doing both, dispatching and policing.
Officer Mendez also shares that she was a warrant officer. She says that was very exciting to do.

“Any warrants we had, whether City or local. We would go and pick up people and bring them in.” She says that was some of the most exciting and interesting experiences.

She says, “Then, years just kept passing…” “All of a sudden, it was 22 and a half years!”

Officer Mendez is often the one that shares photos of outreach events they’ve done over the years, as well as just really being the face of La Feria PD.

“We like to help out,” Mendez says they work alot with the schools, “Any event they have, they always call us, asking if we can help out and share what policing is about.”

Mendez says she was really moved to share how La Feria PD is more than just a PD and that they do so much more than just speeding tickets and arrests. The PD helps the community and the Town of La Feria.
“Liza is very dedicated to the City of La Feria,” says La Feria Police Chief, Ceasar Diaz. Officer Mendez is always going above and beyond in everything she does. Chief says, “We’re proud of her—And we know she’s gonna go do great things.”

Eliza helped with many of the events that the PD puts on like Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. Chief Diaz says she helps contact many of the businesses for some of those events along with much of the decorating. Chief says though decorating might often be overlooked, its things like that and the interactions with the kids that they remember.

“To me, it’s a big deal,” “She unconditionally gives her time to help and keep this community safe.”
Dispatching is often overlooked as well, Chief says, “They hold the department together. They are the ones that are gonna give the Officer the call.” He says dispatch are the ones that hear the initial agony, fear, frustration, and emotion. They translate that over to the Officers on call. Chief adds “When everyone’s asleep at home,” “The dispatchers here. Ready to answer that call.”

Officer Mendez helps in Toy Drive back in December.

La Feria News asked Officer Mendez, What instilled the passion to serve the community as Mendez does. She says, simply put, it’s in the family! She says her brother and cousins are either in the Fire Department or Policing.

“I’ve always loved to help people,” Mendez says, “I mean it’s great, I love it!” Officer Mendez shares you really get to know the people of La Feria. Working now 22 years she’s seen a lot of families and their kids grow up as well.

Mendez says she is excited for her new chapter in life, moving to Cameron County District Center will be, “more traveling.” She says working for the Cameron County Dispatch has actually been a dream of hers for a little while now.

“I remember when it was just a little piece of jurisdiction that we had when I started,” Mendez says it’s growing a whole lot.

Chief Diaz says that the La Feria PD does a lot, “The next person coming is going to have to fill small big shoes,” Chief says they are looking into another officer with a very similar background, being both an Officer and having experience with dispatch. Chief says they are excited about the interview and hope it will be a good match.

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