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Storm Takes Community by Surprise

Sent in by Nelly Caballero.

The storms that rolled in late Friday, April 28th, and into the early hours of Saturday took everyone by surprise at the severity of the storm. It was all part of a cold front and a disturbance in the atmosphere that caused this chaotic weather. This was one of several storms the valley had experienced in the last couple of weeks. The high winds almost felt like a hurricane blowing in said one La Feria resident. Another mentioned that Hurricane Hanna back in 2020 didn’t do much damage locally as this storm did.

According to Hurricane Hanna back in 2020 had its highest wind speed at 93 mph. Late Saturday morning people woke up to fallen trees, fences, and damage to homes and businesses. Along with power outages throughout most of the valley. Here are some photos of some local damage around our area.

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