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Commission Discusses Fiesta, AACA Local Donation and Public Concerns Amongst Other Agenda Items

Emilio Flores
La Feria News

Last week, at the City Council meeting, Gloria Casa, a resident of La Feria for many many years, and council member of the School board brought to the City some concerns. She mentions that South 506, at Arroyo lane, and Parker there is a subdivision being built. The exits, Mrs. Casas explains are very poorly placed.

“Why Mr. Zarate put the street by the Canal, is beyond me,” she says the traffic flow that is on Parker makes the area dangerous. Mrs. Casas expresses her concern for the safety of her and her neighbors that have been living there for many years. Mrs. Casas is concerned for her safety saying that the exit from the new subdivision is too close to her driveway and she’s already experienced a close call. During her Public Comment, she also mentioned a concern about the water bill.

AACA Presents Check
Saint Francis Xaiver Church was granted the total proceeds from The Antique Automobile Club of America. The Antique Car Club is a non-profit organization whose very objective is to raise money for organizations. As mentioned last week, the club was able to raise $950

Club President, Mr. Moses Mendoza Jr., presented this amount to St. Francis Food Bank. “We wanna return it back to the community.”

Mendoza thanks the Mayor for letting them present during the City Meeting.

Items on Agenda
Next, Agendas seven through ten were tabled. These were in regards to appointing a member/members to the Industrial Development Corporation, to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, the La Feria Utilities Board, and the Economic Development Corporation. City Manager, Jaime Sandoval suggested tabling these items saying, “We wanted to present this to you for information.” Because there are many vacant spots, this will be something that they will have to really consider, was the tone of Sandoval’s request.
The next item on the agenda was the approval of the amount given to the City by the Cameron County Emergency Services. The action was passed to accept the amount of $269,669.60.

“This is for the continued services provided by the City of La Feria,” Sandoval says.

Item twelve, the City passed to request $10,000 in grant money for the La Feria PD. City Manager shares there is no requirement for City to match this grant money. The grant is from the local border security program.

Staff Reports
Fire Department
Chief Phinne shares situational statuses on different vehicles, mentioning that his engine 3 has been in repair “For more than a year now,” Says Chief Phinney. He says the reason behind the delay, and holding onto it was the severity of supply shortages during the pandemic. This has still made it difficult. He says one of the things Chief is needing, is to bring up the south station near blue town. “We have no backups to our frontline trucks,” Phinney says. Repairs to engines are needed but also attack plan was discussed. Phinney shares that the south station has low volume, putting less strain on vehicles, but Chief needs more volunteers.

Chief says in order to overcome a 7-minute delay he needs more volunteers. “At least three,” Chief will need at least three more volunteers to overcome a delay at the south station. City Manager says Frank, the financial advisor for the City, and Sandoval are figuring numbers so as to make the best decisions. Whether to repair older engines and pour more finances into engine 3, or look at replacement. Phinney says Engine three has been with them since before he was a part of things.

Fiesta De La Feria
City Manager says in regards to the Fiesta de La Feria that vendors seemed happy and it was a great event. Mayor extends her gratitude towards the school mentioning the choir and great folklorico performance. The City hopes to get more of t School involved in the coming years. City Commissioner of place 2, Michael Martinez, shares some notes on possibly more tent coverage and a program magazine for the Fiesta De La Feria.

City Water and Waste Water
A presentation was done on the improvements and numbers in City Water and wastewater. They shared on new safety installations that have been made at the facility along with different preventative maintenance they’ve been doing and monthly flushings. According to Inframark, everything has been looking good.

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